IMG_20180504_104158I am a French-Turkish freelance Journalist based in London, UK. I have worked in Senegal, France and the US for print and online publications. I write in French and English. I’m also available as a Fixer in France and the UK.

Anything to do with identity, from political to gender, sexual or spiritual inspires me. I love to ask questions and journalism is the best excuse I have found to do so unashamedly. I also like getting into topics I know very little about!

I hold two Masters in European Studies and International Relations, one from the London School of Economics (LSE), and the other from the Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE). Some of the subjects I studied included European identity, nationalism and global conflicts.

I began my career covering the 2012 French elections for the Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun, mainly focusing on populism, the economic crisis and multiculturalism.

I’m a bit of a language geek, I speak English, French and Turkish, and have studied Spanish, some Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Farsi.

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